Climate Change Update Jan 17th with NibiruMagick2012

Check out this Climate Change Update Jan. 17th 2012 with NibiruMagick and all his links:


After the world’s worst nuclear accident in 25 years, authorities in Canada said people living here were safe and faced no health risks from the fallout from Fukushima.
They said most of the radiation from the crippled Japanese nuclear power plant would fall into the ocean, where it would be diluted and not pose any danger.

Island to be bombed with poison pellets to kill plague of rats

Video recorded this morning by the cooperation in between Guardia Civil Helicopteres and Involcan. The exact time of recordings has not been given, but we expect that the faint action is caused by the partial collapse of the vent at 11:40. The stain however is quiet impressive.

Coverup? Gov’t warned of radioactive concrete problem last month, claimed it had investigated — Admits more evacuees may be living in contaminated homes

The Buddha of Fukushima’s Forbidden Zone: A Photo Essay (Graphic Pictures)…



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