West Coast Earthquake Guide 2012

All along the west coast there is a constant threat. An earthquake could instantly shank whole counties, disrupting everything that makes society function on a daily basis. The little earthquakes give mainstream media something to report on, but looking at the earthquakes in a bigger picture and realizing they are like pouring sugar into a vehicles has tank, not only is a waste of good sugar that you could be storing for an emergency, it also completely disrupts how an engine works, thus stoping every moving part of that car. (yet the batteries will still work for a time!)
It is important to stay alert and prepare while living and even visiting the West coast of the US.

Here is a link to a PDF by the USGS on the ability to live here and be prepared too:
“Setting down roots in earthquake country”


Here is a great 15 minute video that explains the hazards and science of the San Andreas fault and what has been going on to help us know more about it:

“Under the San Andreas”


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