Earthquake watch on the West Coast of U.S.A.


There as been a small increase in seismic activity around the globe in the past 48 hours. Anyone watching may be a little on edge, witnessing the succession of large earthquakes that seem to have fired back to back across the globe and many along the west coast of North America. One should not be in a state of panic, yet take these events as an example of how quickly things can and possibly will get out of control. Of course we need to also realize that we have no control over these event, but do have control over what we have done preemptively to have food, water, and simple forms of first aid and shelter.



If you live along the west coast of California I feel you should watch this video to get an understanding of the shifts that happen randomly and the shifts to look out for, because some large quakes may have the ability to trigger other smaller earthquakes in other close faults. I would say that Mexico and southern California should use the events of the last few days to tell friends about earthquake preparedness and have plans in order to evacuate or hunker down. We all must stay alert and be ready for anything.

Here are more links to videos and blogs on the April 2012 earthquakes:
The Extinction Protocol





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