Can Large Earthquakes Cause Faults to Rupture Smaller Quakes at a Distance?


According to some earthquakes cant cause earthquakes at a distance, yet according to some studies there have been examples of large enough earthquakes causing other faults to generate small tremors, even at a distance. The Extinction Protocol asks the question: Are Earthquake Destabilizing Tectonic Plates Across the Globe?


Now many of the readers on Alvin’s blog wonder like myself if this theory is possible and if there is any truth or “proof” behind it. Well apparently some studies have been made. From a large earthquake in California there were signs of movement seen in place like Yellowstone. There is a LINK offered to read more about the story.

Now perpetration and planning is the best way to not worry day in and day out, but for some that is not enough. Like myself, graphs of the areas around the state you live in can give you updated and accurate knowledge of what is happening to the earth around you. Go to the USGS site and find you area and the local threats. Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country is a great resource to help you get started. Enjoy!



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