West Coast Shows Signs the End is Nearing, or Climate Change Evident.


Mount Shasta is a volcano that has been deemed “dormant” but will erupt again. A big threat to Weed and Shasta, California. Once again The Extinction Protocol has noticed the people in the area reporting their well levels dropping significant amounts in 2012 following some suspicious seismic activity in the area around Northern California. Lack of rain this winter in California could always be the cause for lower levels in the wells with 84% of the counties in California reporting droughts. Yet some residents are growing more concerned with the idea that the water may not be coming back for a long time.

Now the jet stream may be bringing some later seasonal rains to the Northern California area, but who knows if that will have any significant impact on the water table for the regions. With summer rapidly approaching and winter soon to be a distance memory. What will Californians do in order to find out what’s happened to their water and how to solve the issues at hand.

Here is another article from The E.P. put out last December:
Shasta Lassen Peak ready to Erupt…


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