After 106 Years, Life is Different in Santa Rosa California


According to many who have heard of the 1906 earthquake in California, it is know as “The Great San Francisco earthquake”. Yet what most don’t know is how bad it was for Santa Rosa, California. The San Andreas fault rupture in the early AM hours while everyone was sleeping on Wednesday April 18th, 1906. The town was turned to rubble and some areas moved as much as 20 feet.


Not only did the town crumble from the major earthquake; fire, fueled by gas mains, burned down many parts of the town as well. Following the earthquake were thousands of aftershocks, striking all around the North and South Bay Area. Many lives were lost, but because Santa Rosa was a newer town and based on a weak economy, they reported a lower death toll. Doing this to help encourage the town to rebuild and grow. This was the worst earthquake that had hit the USA and cause so much damage up until that point. The nation was shocked.




Here are links to a few videos out on YouTube on the 1906 earthquake and helpful guides to be ready:

1906 Santa Rosa Quake

The Big One Part 1

The Big One Part 2

The Big One Part 3

Jim Berkland Predictions*OLD*good

The San Andreas Fault


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