Northern California and Nevada get closer to Space

With last night’s meteor shower giving a standard show of about 16 specks of light an hour, many people in California and Nevada are talking about what they saw in the early AM hours around 8am and also what they felt.

April 22, 2012 – Northern, CA – People in Northern California and Nevada reported hearing a loud boom in the sky above the Sierra Sunday morning. The Tuolumne County sheriff’s department said they are investigating the possibility that it might have been the physical impact of an overnight meteor shower. Some people in the Tahoe area said they saw what they believed to be a meteor just prior to the sound. People who live in Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County, Placer County, Tuolumne County, Amador County and Nevada County contacted our sister station in Sacramento. KCRA is reporting that they heard the sound just after 8:30 a.m. A television station in Reno said they received similar calls from the city of Reno and as far away as Incline Village. Meteorologists in California and Nevada including our own Rob Mayeda said there were meteor showers Saturday night that could have still been going on Sunday morning. If the boom was a signal that an outer space rock made its way through the atmosphere, then there could be a rock or rocks now on Terra Firma. So far, no one has called authorities or television stations to report “a hit.” Mayeda said the meteor would likely be a bolide rock and that it likely burned up before getting to the ground. Every year the Earth passes through the orbit of a comet causing the Lyrid meteor shower. The results on a clear night are a meteor shower, which comes in the form of shooting stars streaking across the night sky. The stars are actually debris from the comet as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. –NBC Bay area

Petaluma California-On Friday April 20th, 2012 around 10pm there were many reports that a bright flash was seen in the sky followed by a boom/rumble sound that was felt all over the 20 square mile town.
“We saw the light off in the NE over Sonoma Mountain and Petaluma and then we felt a little bit latter a vibration. It was mostly felt in our chest and we immediately contacted my brother that was in town and he also had just heard the garage door shake.”
No reports of any explosions were reported. And after 60 plus 911 calls, police searched to find nothing related to what was reported. With everyone around town talking about it, the question remains, was it a meteorite?

Here are some links to blogs and videos on the subject:

Meteor Society

The Extinction Protocol

YouTube video

Reno Newspaper

Petaluma 360 News

Share if you saw or heard anything, thanks!


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