3.9 in Orange County is More than a Little Shake

Everyone knows the San Andreas fault is a threat to California’s west coast line. Also it’s “sister” faults around the Bay Area are constantly threatening San Francisco. Well in Orange county there is a small thrust fault that was not known years ago when a nuclear reactor was built right by it. A 3.9 could be just the start to all southern California’s big nuclear troubles in the future. Here is an article from The Extinction Protocol:
Why mondays 3.9 earthquake could cause big trouble for Los Angeles

San Onofre nuclear plant could restart


“Why would any rational person in their right mind build a nuclear power plant on the coast, near a major ocean, in a major subduction zone in the Ring of Fire?”-The Extinction Protocol

Here is the seismograph for the area around LA and Orange County:

Sunset Peak (SUN EHZ CI) Past 15 Days


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