Climate Change Update 4-23-2012

Once again NibiruM makes his daily Climate Change Update videos for all of us. Today he covers the snow storm along the East coast of the US. UK’s “Power Showers”. Japan’s radiation. Sun pole shift. California plant fire. Weekend BOoM along West coast.
The Met Office forecast heavy rain today and torrential downpours and gales on Wednesday and Thursday.

Loud boom over Northern California and Nevada thought to be from meteor

Prime Minister Kan: Radiation disaster ‘would hit the world’ if Fukushima Daiichi was evacuated — ‘No longer a question of only Japan’ — Worry over current state of plant

MAFF prohibits private sector from applying strict safety limits

If you think they are not supposed to dump the ashes with more than 8,000 becquerels/kg in the final disposal site, you are right, but they do it anyway in Kiryu City. (Probably Kiryu is not alone.)

Four Units Deemed “Decommissioned” at Fukushima Daiichi NPS, Pushing Japan’s Domestic Reactor Count Down to 50


Part 2: More Police Audio – Possible Meteor Impact in NV/CA – 4/22/12

Attached Videos:

Last 7 Days of Earthquakes

Fukushima Update


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