California’s Volcanic Threats are monitored by USGS

April 25th, 2012- So thanks to the USGS we have websites like CalVo monitoring all the volcanos that threaten the west coast of the USA daily.

“More than 500 volcanic vents have been identified in the State of California. At least 76 of these vents have erupted, some repeatedly, during the last 10,000 years. … Sooner or later, volcanoes in California will erupt again, and they could have serious impacts on the health and safety of the State’s citizens as well as on its economy.” Miller, C. Dan, 1989, Potential Hazards from Future Volcanic Eruptions in California: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1847, 17p.

Knowing when they last erupted and what they are doing today can help give the citizens of the west coast peace of mind in their daily lives.

Here are some links to more helpful volcanism and earthquake treats in California and the rest of the western parts of our amazing Nation’s landscape:

An Assessment of Volcanic Threat and Monitoring Capabilities in the United States:
Framework for a National Volcano Early Warning System

USGS Volcano Hazard Program

The National Volcano Early Warning System (NVEWS)

NVEWS PDF Download

CUSVO Volcano watch


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