San Francisco Bay Area on constant Red Alert in 2012


August 11th, 2011–Last year this short video was put out by a man named Bill Paxton and he explains not only the threat to Sonoma county but also the Liquefaction that takes place in the soft soils of places like Petaluma California. The 6.6-7.2 that is predicted by the USGS would cause at least 33% of Petaluma to need to seek shelters if it took place along the Hayward / Rodgers Creek Faults (seismograph links). Watch the video to learn how and why to be prepared and then look into it for yourself. Local hardware stores will sometimes carry hard copies of the “Putting Down Roots In Earthquake Country” and USGS offers PDF at their website: LINK Here!


In the video Bill Paxton mentions that the USGS states that BIG mega quakes around the world can NoT cause a earthquake to be triggered in the Bay Area, yet that is a bIG statement to make. Here is a link to a a WCMNews article that was posted a few weeks back about the capabilities that “MeGa” earthquakes have around the world.


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