Climate Change Update April 26, 2012

April 26th, 2012-Today NibiruM gives great insight to the worlds issues. Here covers many different volcano threats, nuclear threats, storms, fish kills, fishing, oil spills, and much much more. Watch his full video to get all the latest:
Climate Change Update April 26, 2012


Here are the links that he provides so you can check for yourself:

Alarmed by widespread reports of visibly sick, deformed seafood coming out of the Gulf of Mexico, state officials have closed area waters to shrimping this morning (April 23). The waters will be closed indefinitely as scientists run tests in an effort to get a handle on a situation that is fast becoming a full-blown crisis on the Gulf Coast.…

11,000 Fish Deaths in Little Beaver Creek a Mystery

Strange, jellyfish-like creatures swarming a coastal nuclear power plant:…

Fukushima fallout lingered just above ground to be inhaled — Chernobyl particles never came down, or were rained onto surface without floating at low elevation (DIAGRAM)


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