Climate Change Update May 4th 2012

Today is the 4th of the 5th, 2012-


Here is another amazing Climate Change Update video put out by NibiruMagick2012 on YouTube.
He covers the May 5th “Super Moon” and also some import topics like nuclear ration in birds and 50,000 fish killed in China pond that is unexplained. Also all the current work that is happening in Japan still after last years major earthquake and tsunami. Here are the links that came with the video:
Climate Change Update May 4, 2012

By: NibiruMagick2012 YouTube

Mexico City just 40 miles away from volcano throwing poison gases a mile up into the air over Puebla state

New Zealand scientists voice concerns over “most unusual event” in 20 years of studies

Nuclear Expert on No. 4 Fuel Pool: “They’re pumping water in and it’s draining out into basement, they suck it out of basement and put it back in at top” — “There is no containment” (VIDEO)

Air pressure is increasing in container vessel of reactor 2 Since Tepco increased air exhausting amount from 17 m3/h to 38 m3/h on 4/24/2012, hydrogen concentration of reactor2 has been increasing.


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