Sonoma County town awaken to Gun shots and Flash Bangs

May 4th, 2012- With local PD, Homeland Security, and many other departments; Petaluma California, at 4 am, became a war zone when a house was breached with two flash bangs and shots rang out as 3 officials “dressed in all black” hit the ground. The man they were after was one of 14 wanted for suspect in a 2010 San Francisco murder. Caught off guard as planned, officers went to serve these “high risk” warrants early in the cover of the morning darkness. Petaluma was still asleep, and the ones living close enough were awoke and forced to stay in their homes. “They put a gun in my face and made me get on the ground. Then sent me back into my house,” was the report from one neighbor.
In side the house living with the gunman and suspect were two other family members, his father and also his 14 year old kid brother. Bother spared from the gun violence, are afraid to go back to their home because of the amazing force and turn of events. Guilty of shooting 3 men invading his home, not many will find out how much warning really was given before the first shots were fired. A full investigation will hopefully pursue, yet the Petaluma Police Dept. won’t say a word because of HLS being involved. Here are some links:

ABC 7 News Video “3 fed shot”

ABC 7 News Video “exclusive interview with family”


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