Early Morning Shake Up Call

May 5th, 2012- For those who were light sleepers in Santa Rosa, California, 2am may have been a little wake up call.


There was a 4.2 earthquake in the Geyser region north of Santa Rosa. Not a big enough of an earthquake to cause any damage to major towns or populated areas, yet does show that northern California is a seismic region of the globe.


If you have your preparations in order to deal with a major earthquake then this event should cause no concern for you. Yet if you don’t than this weekend may just be a good time for you to go out and stock up on a few things:
Toilet paper
Can food
Bottled water

…..you know, the essentials. No alarm bells are going off at any USGS office at the moment. But being prepared never hurt.
Here are some helpful links:

The Extinction Protocol

YouTube -Opinion- DutchSinse

WCM News “Prepare


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