Californians have the Preps but don’t want to pay for them


May 16th 2012- California has troubles in it’s future and everyone seems to know. If it isn’t something to do with the state going bankrupt, it falls into the category of natural disasters. Last year’s nuclear disaster and tsunami that rocked Japan and causes millions of dollars and loss of life here on the West coast of the USA, was only a stone in the pond of actual cataclysmic disasters California faces one a daily bases. Wildfires, mudslides, floods and pandemics loom at the change of every season. Earthquakes are frequent and guaranteed to cause major damage to the Bay Area and souther California. When these earthquakes take place will Californians get the medical supplies that have been bought and payed for with our state’s tax dollars?

In this video, released by ABC7 news, they explain how much money and effort has gone into storing these 200 bed mobile hospital. With budget cut slashing at any possible spending, the less than $7 million spent annually on this key back up supply stock pile is not the place to start. We could save more lives and cut spend by getting rid of a few highly paid politicians. With billions spent annually on earmarks, jails, schools, and healthcare and a $16 billion dollar deficit, how does cutting less than $7 million on emergency supplies really help.


If the sate really feels that mobile medical facilities are unnecessary then allow for the counties to build a way to store what’s needed to provide for the public most at risk. Here is a link to the video put out by ABC 7 News:

“State slashes funds to store emergency supplies” Video


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