When The Skies Go Dark – May 20th 2012

May 20th 2012- This will be one of the only times anyone of us on the west coast will get the chance to see the sun completely covered by the moon. Between 5-6pm the moon will slowly pass in front of the sun, causing a solar eclipse to take place. Be careful in viewing it, yet try not to miss it as well.

Never having the chance to try the box viewing technic, there are no guaranties on how well it will preform. One can always go out and find a pair of welding goggles that may provide the proper protection.

Here are some great video links:

NASA video Pasadena California
This video explains the risk involved with looming at the eclipse and also just what and where to expect when looking for the eclipse.

Science at NASA Video
In this video NASA gives this event a 9 out of 10 and also some helpful hints on great ways to easily watch the solar eclipse.


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