Summer Time Events For the West Coast News

June 16th, 2012-

With the month of July passing it’s half way mark. The reports of national summer difficulties keep spot lighting the news. From record low temperatures in Alaska to heat waves killing Americans and forcing power outages to millions.


After Newt Gingrich (former speaker of the house) announced how he feels about the power to the US citizen being part of a frail and vulnerable system. One has to wonder if the US is ready to help everyone at the same time. Our country works well when every thing is going smoothly, yet what’s to happen when the SHTF potentials are released against the US population. With less than 10% of California’s able to help them selves after a major earthquake, imagine the numbers in need of help if conditions are beyond our control.

In the forecast for the west coast, a small summer storm is working it’s way down the coast and will arrive in the Bay Area tomorrow.


With a small amount of drizzle expected over night and into the early morning, most would not expect slippery road conditions on their early morning midweek commute.


As a safety tip remember: ” If your wipers are on so should your headlights.” (By Law)

Here is a great article to help prepare:

Staying in tuned with One’s surroundings.


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