Daily Links For the West Coast Bay Area Prepper

August 3, 2012:


USGS fault and earthquake Map:

San Francisco Bay Area
This link will provide one with a map of the faults from San Jose along the San Andreas up to The Geysers in Sonoma County, and all the most recent earthquakes to occur along and around them.

USGS seismograph network:

Seismograph on Sonoma Mountain
This link will give one a view of the past 15 days seismic activity on Sonoma Mountain (Rodgers Creek / Hayward Fault) and any large earthquakes that may have occurred in the greater Northern California area.

USGS Real-Time Feed:

Real Time Global Earthquake Feed
This link provides one with the ability to search the most recent earthquakes around the world. Multiple different options for what one might want to know.



San Francisco Weather Forecast
Along with the daily weather this link will also provide one with a solid 7 day forecast, radar, hourly weather graphs, and additional resource links.

Jet Stream Position and Forecast
Knowing where the Jet Steam is can be important for many different reasons. This link will also allow one to learn where it might be going in the days to come. Even better.


Warning Centers:

Radiation Network
This link allows one the ability to see where any dangerous radiation spikes may occur. Updated regularly and constantly available. Great resource.

Tsunami Watch and Warning Center
Thanks to NOAA this link provides one with the knowledge of an incoming tsunami or one that has been generated some where in the world.

RSOE Global Warning Center
This link will give one a map of the world and show where all the most current know “disasters” are. Click on ones area and find out what’s going on.



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