Chevron Fire Causes Families to Shelter in Place

August 6th 2012:

There has been a fire burning for hours at a refinery owned by Chevron in Northern California. The areas of N. Richmond , Richmond , and San Pablo have been ordered to stay indoors with all windows and doors shut. They were also told to turn off all fans and AC units to minimize exposure to any elements of the fire that may be in the air. Here are some links to help inform about what’s going on. Links below:

ABC 7 News Video Updated 10:58pm Aug 6th 2012

ABC 7 News Video Updated 8:18pm Aug 6th 2012


Now this type of event has been thought of and plan for by the oil industries that operate these facilities. They have a specialized fire team in place that is working with the local fire crews to get the blaze under control.
Yet this event should show how vulnerable the West Coast is to major catastrophe. There are a number of small factors that could make this incident much worse for all living in the Bay Area.
With the West Coast of Northern California being home to some major earthquake faults, a oil refinery fire can not only become much worse if an earthquake were to happen durning this type of fire, but an earthquake can cause this type of fire to erupt all around the Bay Area while everyone is also being forced out of their homes due to the structural integrity of their homes.
Does one really want to find themselves living trapped inside their home durning California’s next “Big One” while the air outside is being filled with toxic smoke and gas?
This Chevron fire in the Bay Area should prompt every home to have and evacuation and shelter in place (indoor and outdoor) plan ready at a moments notice. Sleeping bags, tents, food, water, lighting, back up power, water filtration, protection, and much more. These are different times and a California that hasn’t ever experienced a major incident on any scale. Be prepared and stay safe.


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