West Coast Complacent to Earthquake Risks and Other Natural Disasters

August 9th 2012:

“Earthquake blamed for natural gas explosion in Ontario garage”

20120809-092410.jpg Link to article: LA Times

So in this case one day of small earthquakes seems to have caused an estimated $200,000 when a gas leak caused by the quakes got ignited and blew the garage door and windows out. Luckily no individuals have been reported injured and no structures were ignited. Yet in 1906 San francisco caught fire from the major earthquake and a majority of the city’s damage was due to fire. Many don’t realize the threat that earthquakes and other natural disasters cause West Coast residents. Becoming complacent in the down time between major incidents is what causes more damage and pain to occur.
With the recent fire in Northern California from a major gas leak at the Chevron Refinery and now the small explosion in a Southern California resident’s garage, one can see that in the days following the West Coast’s next BIG One some will be forced out of their homes due to structural and fire issues and some will be forced inside their homes due to air quality and mother nature. For the rest, most will be forced to find a form of shelter in the catastrophe. And some will need to flee from the West Coast al together.

This tool could save one’s home and and/or neighborhood. There are many different items that will help one to prepare for earthquakes along the West Coast. Thanks to the USGS there is a great manual put out to show how one can be prepared and how the family can know how to survive the initial shake and the days and weeks fallowing the major event. Here is the link to the PDF from USGS:
“Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country”

20120809-101000.jpg Paper copies can be found at your local hardware stores.


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