Fairly Active West Coast from North to South

January 8th, 2013-
The west coast has always been known as a geological hot bed for earth movement and change. Today the coast is no different, from earthquakes to volcanos. From Mexico to Alaska. Spanning three countries, the west coast is showing some fascinating geological action on the eight day of 2013. Here is an article about the 19th eruption of a Mexico volcano this year:
19: Mexico’s Colima volcano rocked by violent eruption – TheExtinctionProtocol

Along with the on going volcanism along the west coast is an area north of the San Francisco bay area. The “geysers” near Clear Lake are a seismic area of constant tremors in the 1.0-2.0 range.

Sonoma Mountain Seismographs Jan. 8th 2013
Today a series of small 2.9-3.0 earthquakes have stuck around the area showing signs of them being possible foreshocks. Like mentioned in previous post, no time like the present to tighten up those preparedness plans. One never knows!
Along with the possible fore shocks, there was a major after shock in southeastern Alaska and western Canada of a 5.5 from 2013’s first quake to cause a tsunami warning to be issued. The west coast is alive and active and these are really just calm signs to be aware of in the start of 2013.
Stay safe everyone!



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