Can Government Help in the Face of Disaster? 2013

January 16th, 2013-
Here is a link to how the Australian government is planning to prepare and help the members of their population:

The U.S. has the USGS encouraging the populations of the West Coast to prepared for the long list of possibilities that could cause FEMA to need to “help” the western states. FEMA also is active in encouraging the people around danger areas. With the entire western coastline being exposed to just about every type of disaster, community response is the most realistic approach to getting a plan together. Members of communities are attempting to put together resources to protect themselves from these possibilities, yet the number of community members that rely on the “just in time” inventory of all the Big Box supermarkets is staggering.
Learning to prepare is as simple as going onto and taking their helpful hints and working them into ones lifestyle. “Store what you eat, and eat what you store.” – Jack Spirko (TheSurvialPodcast).


Months after “Super Storm” Sandy battered the East Coast, Americans there are still struggling to rebuild in parts hit hardest:
RT Reports on Sandy 2 months After VIDEO


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