Positive Change for a Global Culture 2013

January 23, 2013-
Can life sustain itself on a world with limited resources? If so, how does one species that is growing at a rate (such as the human race is) keep up with the demand of such different cultures globally? Where is our future headed?
With the Mayan’s calendar (based upon the precession of Earth’s slight wobble that takes 1000’s of years to complete) beginning again, one has to ask some of these basic questions. The future is inevitable.

At the rate that human beings around the world are being connected, it’s a wonder what new technologies, scientific break throughs, and even virus mutations are upon the horizon of this New age of Aquarius. All humans will be asking similar questions in their minds and out load over the next decade and the answers will need to be heard, in order for a collective to come together and embrace the positive changes and avoid the negative changes.

Now if a spiritual quest is not what one looks for in their attempt to change their selves or the world around them that is ok. It all is a matter of starting with One’s own beliefs on their personal environment and building from there. Aim for a positive change and that change will occur. The clearing of one’s mind in the midst of all the chaos that is our modern society, and focusing on small tasks in an everyday life is the best start. Eventually, work towards finding another like minded individual and grow with them. Build a community and change together. Share!

Be it food from a garden or a story that has been in your family. Share with those around you and promote positive change.

Here are some great links to Podcasts and videos that dovetail with this simple post:
PodcastThe Evolving Meaning of a Self Sufficient Lifestyle
YouTubeSpirit Science video 1
Share your comments and opinions below and examples of what you are doing to promote positive change in your own life.
Stay Safe!


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