Small Quake Swarms along West Coast

January 25th, 2012
There were a number of small earthquakes that took place today across the entire West Coast from Mexico to Canada. They were ranging from 1.1 to 2.9 and were felt on seismographs at a decent distance from the epicenter.

Some of the interest in these small swarms of quakes is because of the location that some are taking place. The stress is building along some key points where faults are expected to someday rupture and split in massive ways.

For now we will just continue monitoring the West Coast for signs of possible upheaval and seismic activity that could tell us the show is about to start. Stay prepared and tune into your local seismographs for a view of how the ground is moving near you. Here are some links and photos to what’s shaking in the Northern California region:

Bay Area Map
Sonoma Mtn. Seismograph

Northern California Seismographs

Here is a great article about the same topic put out today from the Extinction Protocol:
Earthquake swarm reported near Nevada’s Topaz Lake


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