Technology of the 21st Century and Situational Awareness

January 27th, 2013
Humans have been trying to survive for centuries. In their attempt to survive, the human species has proven success in many areas. With the approach of the 21st century, our species was able to accomplish some amazing goals. Now, over a decade into the 21st century, we have almost every age of the american population carrying the evidence of our success while walking, driving, eating, and even brushing their teeth. Our lives revolve around this technology. This article is being compiled thanks to these devices. This entire blog is being managed and updated from home, work, and on the go because of this unthinkable, yet completely required technology.
Two decades ago we relied on business cards and analog based answering machines. Today one can’t even have a front yard garage sale without posting it on an Internet site and messaging friends and family ahead of time. To even start a small side business one needs to have a website, blog, and videos to feature what’s for sale.
Don’t misunderstand the purpose of this article. It’s not to glorify nor bash the stream of modern technology. We all benefit from the advancements of technology, and are constantly being held back or annoyed by this technology being in the wrong hands. What this article is here to do is to show the reality of our generation’s technological growth and how we need to keep an eye on the ones that are useful vs. the ones that aren’t.
Situational awareness needs to be taught to all who plan on walking to their car while typing away at their phones. Story after story surfaces about some teen texting while driving, or parent yelling on their phone while in the supermarket. We need to focus on the active world around us and not so much on the social media world supplied to us on our hot new tech toys.


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