Earth as a Survivable Planet 2013

February 26th, 2013
Some see our Earth as a living breathing force that is on an ever changing corse to cleanse it’s surface from the species that have taken residence upon it. Yet many don’t allow for their thoughts of Earth’s role to govern how they care for themselves and this planet. We call this planet home, we call it ours, we call it Earth. Yet who dose our planet belong to? Can any one race or species claim it for their own? Does it even have ownership to be obtain by one or all?
These questions should be a common though among any stewards of a planet.
In the time the human race had spent on this planet there has been some unprecedented leaps forward in every area of technologies and culture. These advancements have made for a planet that operates like nothing man has ever seen. Everyday now starts with us earthlings in uncharted waters. Even with our sciences and our theories, we constantly find a new variable to question. Today the societies the make up the vast majority of the population find themselves reliant on modern technologies; regardless of weather one has complex gadgets to make life simpler, or if one lives a simple life that seems complicated with out gadgets.
The goals to life are to survive and to pass along skills and knowledge to one of your own, everything else is just bonus for the well being of those around you.


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  1. tv shows says:

    couldnt agree more

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