Earthquake Watch for Northern California: March 1st-4th 2013

February 26th, 2013
Get your survival kits ready and have your emergency plans in order. Due to high geological tension and other possible earth signs, has posted some predictions on the first few day in March to have a high possibility of heavy seismic activity in Northern California, San Francisco Bay. There is no guarantee to these events taking place. Yet at the least it would be smart to take these moments to test ones preparations for such an event and be ready if one were to take place in the next week.
Here is a picture of the map that shows today’s (26th) prediction:

Below is the map of today’s (26th) actual seismic activate for S.F. Bay from

Finally, here is one of the maps of the March predictions from

Updated February 27th, 2013
In addition to the previous links to possible earthquake predictions is this video put out on YouTube:
Earthquake Watch / Planetary Alignments March 3-5th 2013

20130227-125202.jpg This video puts together some very intriguing information in regards to planetary alignments and past earthquakes that have coincided. There is also some information on the sun and moon’s relationship with the geophysics of Earth on this period of time.

20130227-125437.jpg As more information comes to us in regards to the seismic activity from these predictions it will be posted in newer posts and we all should be preparing to be ready for a major event if it were to take place. Above all else, stay safe and protect those that need it most.



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