Alls Quiet on The Western Front: So Far

March 1st, 2013
Well 12 hours into the 3rd month of 2013, and so far there hasn’t been any major developments to report on g the West Coast.

Some small seismic activity is showing in the Bay Area. Most of which is coming from the geysers north of the bay. With a 2.9 registering earlier in the AM. The ring of fire has shown some small activity in the past 24 hours with two 6.0+ mag. earthquakes in the Kuril Islands.
Double Strike Earthquake Kuril Islands
These quakes didn’t seem to cause any extended tension around the Pacific Ring of Fire. There is still a few days to stay alert for a possible large earthquake to occur globally. Make sure to have any preparations set and ready to go at a moments notice. These are the times to double check plans and look for enhancements that can be made. Stay safe all!

Above is a graphic showing an “Earthquake Shadow”.


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