March Madness with Earthquake Watch: Nothing

March 5th, 2013
Seismically, the past few days have shown to present as calm and I eventful for the West Coast. We are not out of the woods for any event to take place, yet the high hazard time frame is coming to a close. With the predictions made by a few different sources, not much activity happened to show. In the San Francisco bay area there was a slight increase of earthquakes within a 72 hour period. None of these earthquake were even large enough to be felt at the surface.

The Earth was able to control its violent behavior and may have avoided what could have been the greatest earthquake to strike the West Coast in over a hundred years. Preparations are nothing to be scoffed at. Even without an event to cause panic and stress on one’s city or town, times like these are great opportunities to understand where a plan might be weak or an area that may need more prepping. Take the time to walk through an event. Know where people will meet up and how they will communicate. Work on who knows your plan and how able they would be to help you execute it in the correct order.
Establish a list of emergency contacts outside of your area, just in case you need to get out of town quick or need to inform someone you are ok or needing help. Have food, water, and forms of shelter to protect enough individuals from the grizzly circumstances that may be ahead.


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