Japanese Garbage Patch Two Years Old: March 2013

March 11th, 2013
Two years ago Japan was faced with a horrible series of natural and man made disasters. From a powerful earthquake that shook the eastern coast, to the tsunami that followed (devastating whole towns and toppling flood walls 30′ high), to the Fukushima nuclear reactor that was vulnerable to the earthquake and lost control of its ability to stay cool.
All three events caused major loss of life in the thousands, displaced many more and showed a global uptick in background radiation for the entire northern hemisphere.
We can’t forget the tragedy that fell that day in 2011 and how Japan has suffered since. Help and relief has come is many ways for the Japanese people, yet they still fight a daily battle to become safe from future events, with the government wanting to start up more of the same style nuclear reactors that have already cause so much trouble in the past. Along the ring of fire Japan receives the most earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity compare to other parts of the globe.
After the tsunami pushed miles inland and destroyed just about everything in is path in and incomprehensible amount of power. The waters rushed back out to sea, pulling all the garbage and buildings out into the currents of the Pacific. With the easterly wins at it’s back, the garbage/debris patch has been working it’s way across the pacific heading right at the West Coast of the US. Some of the first items started to arrive months ago with a kids soccer bar and a floating cement pier.
No one knows what will be found among the debris, or what health concerns could be associated with it for the American public. Below are some informative pictures and links to past articles on the topic:
March 8th, 2012 – Japanese Garbage Patch


WCMNews 2012 Post:
“These are not times to forget the great achievements man kind has created and given to us to be vigilant and prepared. Taking it upon ones self to spread the word and wake others is most important at this time. Time is both running out and speeding up. We must act today to preserve the quality of life that will sustain all tomorrow. Today’s youth must be taught the right ways to care for our planet Earth and be raised to realize that there is a better way to do this.”-WCMNews


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