Is The West Coast Ready For a Major Earthquake?

March 25th, 2013
Here is a video put out to show how the West Coast has been getting ready for a major earthquake, the ponytail hazards, and how the public feels about living in an earthquake prone region. They compare southern California to Japan and discuss the early warming system that the Japaneese government put into place in order to help protect the people of Japan.
The money required for California to establish an early warning system for it’s residence is difficult due to high costs and weak budgets. This video helps to show how unprepared the West Coast appears to be for major incidents like earthquakes and tsunamis. The public feels that the government will be there to hold the hand of those that are in need, yet when it’s time for FEMA to get involved, there is no special favors being handed out, everything is in the form of goverents loans, on top of all the debt and bills that are currently being carried by the public. Watch this video to learn more about how prepared the West Coast is:
How Bad Would a Massive Earthquake for the West Coast Be?



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  1. An early warning system would be great. In the meantime (and afterwards!), we need to do everything we can to be ready. Here’s a recent QuakeTip that I sent out to my 650+ emails subscribers:

    What’s Under Your Bed?

    If a major quake hits while you’re in bed, you’ll be thanking yourself if you have a:

    1. flashlight – your power will almost assuredly be out

    2. pair of shoes – many post-quake injuries are feet cut by
    walking on broken glass and mirrors

    3. crow bar – if your house has sustained damage, some
    doors may not open and will have to be pried open

    By the way, during the quake, stay in bed and cover your head with a pillow until the shaking stops.

    Reach Larry Guillot, owner of QuakePrepare, a Bay area earthquake consulting, securing, and gas valve installation service, at 707-965-3299, or visit

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