Volcano and Earthquake Watch April 25th-30th 2013

April 21st, 2013
Check out this video to see the latest data on a possible Volcano or Earthquake that could strike the globe this month. The information provided by this video is interesting and accurate. With yesterday’s earthquake in China being the 160th accurate prediction made by this individual in global seismic activity, there is reason to heed the warnings shown in this video!



With the information from this video one can learn a lot about our solar exposure over the next week or so. With the possible CME that may be arriving on the 22nd, the northern lights may be shining (or southern lights), the chance for a late earthquake to strike a location on our planet is high, possibility for a 7.0+ to occur, and also the chance that solar rays may cause more energy to be pumped to exposed skin that will burn easier. Make sure you do personal research to verify the accuracy.?



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