May 1st-2nd Earthquake Watch: Bay Area N California

May 1st, 2013
For the next two days there has been a prediction forecasted by for the San Francisco Bay Area to see a 4.0-5.0 earthquake. Sonoma county north of the city is under an intense heat advisory and had a 200 acre wild fire over the night fanned by the 56 mile an hour winds.


The maps above show the main areas of concern for the earthquake watch. Sonoma county is home tithe Rodgers Creek fault (USGS Link) and has been showing increased activity from magma flow harmonics or the intense wind for the past 12 hours:


The map above has shown three small earthquake in blue forming around the South Bay yet nothing as of 8am to show concern.
There is also some evidence of global earthquake upticks from the information provided by SuspiciousObservers on YouTube. ViDEO
S0– [3:05] The ‘Minor Watch’ to end April was a failure. And without the umbral opening, my impatient self should never have called it, but I should now; not a ‘Minor Watch’, but a ‘Major’ one. Not for one little 6-pointer, but a significant uptick as the umbral field is opening with a coronal hole on that opening, planets lining up, and energetic flux. –S0 VIDEO May1st


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