California Earthquake Information and Preparedness Guides

December 16th, 2013
Here are some helpful links to allow for the west coast residents to live a bit more prepared and sleep more soundly knowing where these major event can occur, how often, and with what expected magnitude.
Living in “Earthquake Country” is a standard for all Californians. No place in the state if free of the potential shaking, as evident after last nights major 5.7 quake was felt up to 150 miles away. Now this should get individuals thinking about how well the have prepared to have no food, water, heat , or electricity. As well as the potential of their house being red tagged because for structural damage.
Here is a PDF from Cal.Gov and in regards to probability of a major 6.0 event:

20130524-095707.jpg Forecasting California’s Earthquakes – What We Can Expect In the Next 30 Years.PDF

Here is an online resource that all home owners in California and along the west coast should read and interact with. It will show steps to get ready for a disaster, how to tell if you house is ready for an earthquake of major scale, and what types of things should be taken care before, durning, and after the quake. “Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country”



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