What’s the Solution and Who’s going to Make it Happen?

December 19th, 2013-

WCMN- What does it mean to live free? Is it being able to drive to any store at any time and buy a loaf a bread and bring it home safely to your family to eat and sleep happy?

Well in the 21st century many would also include surfing the Internet without the NSA watching our every move, speaking up about poor government leadership, and complaining about the quality of our environment and food. Which all just leads to people from all walks of life pointing fingers and passing the buck on to the ‘other guy’.

Yet if anyone wants to stop and look at what’s really going on, it’s not hard to see that the problems are sitting at each and every one of our doorsteps. The best solution is to take control of one’s own life and actions and begin to provide for the family in a truly rewarding way.

Begin by looking at how the family and home would hold up to a situation where there is no assistance from the majority of the outside world. Food, water, temporary shelter, funds and other items needed for survival.

Next look to the mind-set and health of those you would depend on day in and day out. Are they seeing the world in the modern 21st century routine? Wake, Facebook, eat, Snapchat, work, Internet, eat, TV, Snapchat, Facebook, eat, sleep……repeat.

If all can learn to better themselves in even the most basic aspect of true living, the society we all strive to have can take root and hold up to any challenging times that may be looming around the corner. -WCMN M. Nau

“Be prepared for if times get bad, or even if they don’t.”

This is a statement made by Jack Spirko in his daily podcast The Survival Podcast which dives much deeper into these concepts in today’s show:



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