How Prepared is Our Society for the Next Big One

January 5th, 2014- The US faces threats everyday. It has been a constant for the entirety of our constitution. Yet some of the most dangerous threats looming over our population today would have to be the publics lack of preparedness for any number of major disasters.

Now every state has their own unique set of threats they prepare for and worry about. Yet every state also shares in the assistants in helping in the event of another state’s misfortune.

Not a single town, county, or state can fend for them selves when disaster strikes. Not only is there the chance that members of that communities response teams may injured or taken out of service, but the number of individuals needed typically out numbers the count of boots responding.

Now the government organization have worked hard over the years establishing ways to assist neighboring counties and states in storm and fire seasons. They have even mounted the FEMA group with help from private groups like the RedCross to come in and aid when disaster is upon us. These groups have established protocols and efficient ways to apply the most good to the most individuals. There are chains of command and plenty of organization among the chaos.

If the US or even the West Coast is going to make it through the next Big One, then each individual is going to need to be both physically prepared along with the mental stamina to know how to take care of themselves as well as help take the burden off the shoulders of the men and women of the first responding agencies. For a community and it’s members to come out unscathed after a major event, the people will need to become the first responders.

Don’t be dependent on the modern system. Allow the individuals who truly need the assistance receive it, while you are able to take care of yourself and those who matter most to you. Be able to provide food, shelter, water, and knowledge to your community. Volunteer your efforts to make the community you call home safer and stronger. Get to know you neighbors and encourage them to do the same. Live happy and more prepared.


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