Protecting Ones Self From Protests

February 19th, 2014-

The best way to protect yourself from the uncontrollable force put forth by riot police is to avoid the situation all together. Now this isn’t saying that freedom to stand up for what you believe in is pointless or dangerous. Yet the level at which one goes to in order to have their opinion heard can border on the line of extreme and current rules and regulations can land one in dire straights.

Look at the ultimate goal in which needs to be achieved in order for the change desired to take place. If that means standing with a mob of individuals chanting about how death is the only way to stopped, then know that that outcome is going to effect both guilty and innocent individuals alike.

Peaceful protest typically are well received by the public up until the point that they interfere with day to day operation or become riots because of extreme individuals who have decided to use the stag set by peaceful protester to advance some overwhelmingly ridiculous agenda.

Keep yourself posted on the news updates for any protest in your area, know their believes and plan demonstrations, and only get involved if and while the protest remains peaceful. Riots can form rapidly when police force is applied to unwilling protestors. Be prepared to fall out and avoid confrontation prior to any major event.

Stay alert and safe. Use your head not muscle.


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