6.9 Earthquake Off West Coast California

March 9th, 2014-
It has been a number of years since the last major earthquake to strike the west coast of California. Now is the time to stay vigilant and be prepared for a possible earthquake to occur along the west coast.

20140310-093617.jpgLate in the evening there was a large sized earthquake that struck 50 miles off the west coast of Eureka, California. The epicenter was a few miles below the water. Due to the remote location of this quake there were no reports of any injuries.

There were some ocean buoys registering water movement of a couple inches after the earthquake, yet no damaging tsunami warning was in effect.






Here are some links to help individuals size up their preparations for the next big earthquake:

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California Earthquake and Preparedness Guide– WCMNews

USGS: Risk Assessment for San Andreas Fault– WCMNews

FEMA: “Map Your Block” Program– WCMNews

Is The West Coast Ready for a Major Earthquake? – WCMNews


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