Bay Area Faced with Much Needed “Quake-Up” Call 6.0

August 27th, 2014,

On the 24th of August the residents of many Northern California towns and cities were shook awake at 3:30 am to see items flung from their 24 year resting place.

One of the most important items shook out of place was their sense of safety.
That feeling of being in control and safe inside your own home. Having the ability to know when and where things happen inside the four walls of your castle.

Not that morning. Mother Nature, as always, showed us that she is the one in charge on this rock. Unlike the annual floods, tornados, and hurricanes that much of the US faces and has adapted to; many have grown complacent over the decades with the calm of the ground beneath our feet.


Well no more can any individual doubt the incredible power that is tectonic plates shifting and faults popping off.
With this great energy that released across our land comes tragedy and loss. From homes to loved ones, the individuals and families effected by this small scale disaster with fight to live on.

Yet now is the time for all others to look at it as a lesson for what is to come. 6.0 is 100 time less powerful than the 7.0 that is expected to strike any time in the Bay Area.

Today is the day to start your preparations, test your emergency plans, and make sure your loved ones understand. Don’t be one who is stuck fight to survive. Be one that has the power to give back, and help others ease their struggles.

Work towards liberty everyday. For everyday that you don’t, is one day closer to loosing the freedoms we have all fought so hard to protect.

Stay safe!


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