Napa Reals and USGS Deals: New Warning System to Cost Millions

Sept. 3rd, 2014-

KTVU and Wires-
City workers at right map out the installation of fencing around earthquake damaged buildings Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014, in Napa, Calif. The earthquake that jolted California’s wine capital may have caused at least $1 billion in property damage, but it also added impetus to the state’s effort to develop an early warning system that might offer a few precious seconds for residents to duck under desks, trains to slow down and utility lines to be powered down before the seismic waves reach them. The magnitude-6.0 quake struck early Sunday near the city of Napa. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)
-KTVU and Wires

WCM News– There are heavy efforts being put forth in California to make the tax payers foot the bill for a multi million dollar system that is boasting that it can provide warning of an impending earthquake.

The question is with the $23 million of Californian taxes that get forked over to just set the system up, who are the individuals that will be receiving the alert? They say it will go to you cell phone to let you know of the quake, but not all tax payers in California have cell phones.

Plus they are asking for an additional $11 million each year to keep this system operational. Is this the best way to spend an annual amount over the year where we don’t have any large earthquakes?

The 6.0 in Napa last week was the largest in 24 years. Yes it caused almost 1 million in damage and cost one women her life, but that time span would have cost the tax payers $264,000,000 to keep the system going so that we could still have $1 billion dollars in damage and most likely still at least one death.

The final point to think of is, god forbid this system spits out a warning with out a single shake of the ground, then what? People will loose trust in its efficiency and the general concept the system was designed for is out the window. Along with millions of tax payers hard earn dollars.
-WCM News

The Washington Post: USGS scientist works on earthquake early warning and monitoring systems


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