West Coast News Update: Earthquake Safety Tips

September 4th, 2014-
Not every day do we become alert to our surroundings. In fact most days we wake to an alarm, dress for the day, rush off to complete a list of daily tasks, then arrive back to our homes. Where we unplug, recharge, and prepare for the next day.

One day at a time. Most people’s alertness goes that far. Some plan out their week and even less schedule their month. Yet what about the future? What about the unthinkable?

When an earthquake strikes of any magnitude, one has to stop and think. Stop for just a moment in their day to day lives and question what would happen if it were worse.

That question is what slowly brings individuals to preparedness. To storing things that might be difficult to get after the Big One. Having medical supplies on hand to assist the neighborhood or work place. Becoming CPR certified or knowing how to collect rain water safely in order to provide for family and friends.

These are some key elements to providing for basic needs after a major disaster strikes. Food, water, toiletries, and comfort items are basics to account for ahead of time.

The non perishables are the best to have extra of. Yet food and water should be kept in a good quantity. There are plenty of ways to save, store, and clean water and food.

WCM News provides weekly posts on Preparedness topics. With commenting open, we invite individuals from around the west coast to share concerns and solutions to have they take matters into their own hands.

We look forward to sharing life change information in the near future. Stay safe.


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