Can Earths Magnetosphere Handle Back to Back CMEs?

September 11th, 2014-

WCMNEWS– In the days to follow, we will have a chance to discover how well our earths natural shields work to defend us from this larger solar flare.

Yesterday an X 1.6 flare blasted off from the earth facing side of the sun. The solar radiation storm is headed for us at a normal speed, right behind an M class flare from a few days ago.

The back to back flares will be attempting to put a strain on earth’s magnetosphere in the next few days.

According to some, our magnetosphere has been weakening over the past few years. With no major CMEs to test it as of late, today’s events will prove to give a great idea of what this weakened magnetosphere can handle.

Here are some videos put out regarding this weeks solar storms:

RT’s input on X 1.6 CME

X Flare, Big Magnetic Storms Expected



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