Round Two of Flash Floods in the South West

September 15th, 2014-

WeatherBug– “The seventh major hurricane to form in the eastern Pacific basin this season is closing in on the Baja California coast late this weekend. Hurricane Odile`s moisture will even spill into the Southwest next week…”-WeatherBug

WCMNews- Over the next few days the water shed off of Odile will bring major flooding to states in the South western portion of the US. As Odile moves up Baja California it will downgrade to a tropical storm, but will still bring lots of rain to Arizona, New Mexico, California and other areas in the region.-WCMNews

UPdate-Rain amounts on Tuesday will be highest along Arizona and New Mexico`s southern border where up to an inch will fall. This much rain falling in a short time in a still drought-stricken environment will cause flash flooding problems in places like Nogales, Douglas and as far north as Tucson, Ariz., as well as Bayard and Fairacres, N.M.

Update- Similar rainfall totals will spread north to Interstate 40 in the Southwest on Wednesday as the moisture around Odile spreads north. Frequent showers and storms will continue through Friday, allowing weekly rainfall totals to approach 3 inches in central and southern Arizona and New Mexico.

Flash Flood Watches have been posted through midweek in the Southwest, including Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Stay Safe!


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