CalFire TV Fire Situation Report September 22nd 2014

September 22nd, 2014-
CalFire TV Situation Update Report:

With a number of California’s major wildfires still burning without full containment, there has been great progress made by CalFire thanks to hard work and a change in the weather over the weekend.

This years fire season has shown a different rate for fires and fuel spread compared to past years. The firefighters on the ground are facing some of the most difficult fire behaviors they have seen in quit some time. The fuel dynamics are cause for concern as the weather shifts back to a hotter and dryer California climate.

With California’s fire risk at an increasing rate, individuals are asked by CalFire to both prepare for wildfires in their areas and to avoid causing sparks.
“One less spark is one less wildfire.”

Keep informed on the current fire conditions and other information by checking in with these links:

CalFire TV:September 22, 2014 – The Fire Situation Report

CalFire online


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