California weighs Drought vs Flood 2014

December 20th, 2014-

With the rains as of late, California has been dealing with constant risk of flash flooding, mudslides, and tidal threats.

With this weekend’s King Tide in effect until the 22nd, it is hard to say there will be no more flooding along the highly soaked California Northern coast.

Many Californians have had nothing to talk about but drought conditions for the past three years, and now after only three weeks of off and on heavy rain, those same Californian’s are asking when will it stop flooding and when will the rain leave them alone.

The reality is that over 90% of the state is still in high drought conditions and much more rain is needed. Some experts have said it could take years of seasonal rain like the past weeks to put California back of the map with the other states, who’s water concerns are not as sever as the western coast.

The only true way out of the drought is to flood. The real question is, will California and its residents be prepared to handle that much water and the dangerous floods that will come along with them?

We all know there is a constant drought, fire, and earthquake risk in this state. But is California ready to add threatening floods, mudslides, and breached levees to the list?

Any low lying areas along the coast in Northern California should be observant and prepared for possible flooding this weekend. Check your weather reports and be on alert after any heavy rain event this weekend. The skies should remain mostly clear for next week for the holidays.




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