2015 Drought: West Coast Storm Not Enough

April 9th, 2015-

April showers have always been know to help bring along those May flowers, yet this last cold front brought too little rain too late in the season. Californians are happy to see any rain fall these days. Farmers across the state glimmer at the hope of rains filling the water table and tilting the scale on the drought.

Yet it will take many years of constant flood level rains to level those scales for the farms and residents of California. With another gloomy summer season on the horizon and no relief in sight, California is bracing for water shortages, water restrictions, and major wild fire threats. With timber drying with every passing year of this drought, fire seasons have been giving state firefighters more aggressive fire behavior than ever before.

Together is the only way the state is going to battle this 2015 drought season; with better water management by all residents, increased awareness for fire and spark risks, and helpful eyes on ways to conserve and reuse water to better improve the conditions moving forward. With no end in sight this year and no determined date for this drought to begin to reverse, to ‘help out’ is our key.

Please share ways to help and do your part. Thank you.



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