Starting An Earthquake Plan Part 1

May 4th, 2015-

The hardest part to becoming prepared for an earthquake is forming a plan to provide safety to your family. Making that plan is not a way of ‘saving a life’ but preventing the chance of danger to your family and providing a guide to follow when disaster strikes.

Fear is the first feeling that rushes over every individual the moment a large scale event takes place. While it could be the ground shaking beneath your feet or the screech of a pair of tires moments away from hitting you. These moments are not preventable, yet manageable.

One can be prepared to handle such a situation with their car by having air bags installed, insurance, road side assistance, and maybe a small roadside kit with vests, cones, triangles, jumpers, and note taking supplies.

But what does one carry in their home or vehicle to stand ready for when an earthquake strikes their town. Or perhaps the town they may be traveling in that very moment.

Food, water, and shelter are the keys to survival. Most know these and feel they can obtain them at a moments notice if forced from their home. Yet to consider an entire town being forced from their homes all at once. The easy of whipping out that credit card might not be the key to your families well being.

Yet planning to go to a family members house that already knows to be ready for you when disaster hits may provide ease. This may also provide a location for family to meet up and make contact.

Your plan could also include every member of the family with a contact list written down and instructions on who to contact first, where to go, and the best means to communicate.

Many times phone calls will clog up the communication lines. Yet text messages may provide a way to get information across the lines. The trick is they will fall into an order and be pushed through accordingly in order. It may take some time, yet eventually they should arrive on the other side if lines are working properly.

Also having chargers available in all cars, bags, and rooms in house.

This is the basics to starting a good plan. This blog will continue to breakdown all aspects of a preparedness plan for earthquakes.

Please follow the provided links to jump to the next part:

Starting An Earthquake Plan Part 2

Starting An Earthquake Plan Part 3


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