Global Earthquake and Volcano Watch VIDEO

May 10th, 2015-
TheBarcaroller– This forecast targets May 14 &15 as significant due to a Major Planetary Alignment involving Mars-Earth and Saturn. Using a strong Coronal Hole (CH667) and past Planetary Geometry to find locations that could be at risk for a potential Magnitude 7.2-7.5 Earthquake during this two day watch window.

Areas to watch: Sea Of Okhotsk, Kuril Islands, Kermadec Islands and South America. Time Frame May 14-15, 2015. –TheBarcarolller

In 2008 and 2012 similar planetary events led to major earthquakes to occur in the same regions. This YouTube channel has continually presented videos that have credible views on the connections between planetary alignments geological forces on earth.

Please take the time to watch the VIDEO and then monitor the globe May 14-15.


20150511-223140.jpg ^ (Above is a chart that highlights the locations and alignments of the plants on the 14th and 15th of May.)


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