Starting An Earthquake Plan Part 2

May 17th, 2015-

Continuing with building a plan, it starts with having an idea of what and who you want to plan for. We have discussed how to communicate with others and the best ways for one to insure their family has the best chance to communicate. After the ground shakes it is good to be ready to react in a positive way.

Your home is your castle. If you own or rent, that’s the place you feel strong and in control. If your walls begin to rock while your home, that feeling of safety begins to be questioned. Even after the rolling of the floors stops there are inevitably going to be after shocks to come. There are ways to make your home stay on its foundation and ways to make sure book shelfs don’t end up on top of you or a family member.

The best guide to strengthen your home’s defenses against the likes of an earthquake is produced by the USGS. The last guid was put out in 2007 and gives every detail to preparing the home for the big one. Here is the link to find a PDF download:
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country” – 2007 USGS

20150516-164410.jpg This guide can often be found at hardware stores for free and is helpful to be passed out to friends and family. There is a chart that tells you how to gauge you homes risk level, what to stock up on, what to do while it is shaking and even what to keep under your bed.

Let’s assume that you home has been secured and there is a communication plan set up for you and your family. Well then a good thing to cover next is how to test your emergency supplies, how to maintain those supplies, and ideas for setting up long term securities.

Follow the links bellow to see what’s next:

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